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The best TV cartoons for kids

What are the best TV cartoons for kids?
Good question. There are certainly a lot of cartoons on television these days and there are several television channels which are devoted to cartoons and children's programming. Shows like South Park and The Simpsons are not intended for kids and definitely don't make this list, although these shows do have some appeal for an older audience. However, parents like to know that there are wholesome, educational programming choices for their families.

Here are six TV cartoons which are safe and educational for any kid.


Arthur, based on the book series written by Marc Brown, is an excellent show for any kid to watch. The shows have a great blend of humor, good stories, and great life lessons. The diversity of the cast (children and adults are represented by different kinds of animals, which is a subtle nod towards ethnic diversity) makes for fun and entertaining situations.


The adventures of George Shrinks, his family, and friends make great stories. The diminutive George Shrinks, who is less than one foot tall, is unfailingly curious, cheerful, and helpful. He doesn't see himself as disadvantaged while he uses ingenuity and persistence to live a full and exciting life.


Boys and girls alike love the adventures of Bob, Wendy, and their machine friends as they tackle one job after another. The value of teamwork and hard work are emphasized in these terrific shows.


Caillou, the curious little boy who bears a passing resemblance to Charlie Brown, loves exploring the world and learning about everything as he grows up. This show is particularly good for the toddler and pre-K crowd. It takes a realistic look at the joys, challenges, and frustrations experienced by young children.


Little Bear is a curious and happy cub with a big imagination who inhabits a fun world of friends and neighbors. Together with his human friend Emily and his other animal friends, they have exciting adventures. These tales are filled with gentle humor and love, emphasizing the importance of family and friends.


The Backyardigans are five animal friends who share a common backyard. Together they imagine exciting adventures as pirates, heroes, spies, astronauts, cowboys and explorers as they transform their mundane surrounding into the sites of fantastic adventures.

In this day and age when television seems increasingly oriented towards adult entertainment or excuses to sell products, it's good to know that there are still quality television programs available for your children to watch. If you stick to the shows in this article, you can rest assured that your family will have access to some of the best TV cartoons for kids.

Funny Cartoon - Steps To Create Cartoons

Cartoon conveys a message to the viewer. Funny cartoon makes us laugh. Cartoon is commonly a funny stuff itself. If it impacts more flavor on our laugh, we can say a funny or funniest cartoon. Cartoonists usually create cartoons based on funny instances around us. The activities of different creatures are few sources of making funny cartoon. The character of the funny cartoon acts some uncommon or abnormal activities that make viewer a laugh. The funny cartoon is a reflection some of our reality in life. Some natural theme is shown what we hardly find in our real life. The cartoonists have that sense to capture the snap and put on their cartoon art board.

Where it is used

The funny cartoons are used in print media as well as in electronics media. Most of the daily news papers bring some fresh reality in the cartoon column. Few regular cartoonists for the news paper, create funny cartoons assigning political happenings, sports jokes, film news, or on any current issue happened in the country or in the city. Funny cartoons put on the advertisements and posters billed on the walls of the streets. Comics, magazines, stories and study books are illustrated with context oriented cartoon images. Electronics media use funny cartoons in many instances and purposes widely.

The cartoons are used in form of Logo, Mascot, Layout, Back ground, Intro etc. Television and web media have a huge usage of funny cartoons. Many funny animated or static cartoons in banners, buttons and intro are used in websites. Some popular funny faces with different emotions are used in websites. Same funny faces are used in documents in web and printing media. In computer games, we can see many types funny characters are design. In mobile, we can see many funny stuff and faces for each function during operations.

Types of Funny Cartoons

Funny Faces, Funny Animals, Funny characters are the real resources of making of funny cartoons. Every cartoonist has a favorite face or character or style of making cartoons. That cartoon identifies the cartoonist. Two dimensional (2-D) cartoon graphics are static or can be animated. Most of digital 2-D cartoons are digitally designed for animation purpose. These are simple and can be created software tools. The 3 dimensional (3-D) cartoons are streamed and compressed digitally. Manual 3-D cartoons are Puppetry, Sketch cartoon or digitally drawn cartoons.

Learning Cartoon

Learning carton can be promising if you have extreme interest on graphics and cartoon design. There are some basic attributes will help you to later and be a cartoonist. During study you may come across many instances, where you can learn some work as your mile stone. The activities are required like games, contests, courses, workshops, group processes to improve the skills. Courses are designed in such a way that helps for any type candidates to learn more. During learning Cartoon provides valuable insight though and ideas in you. Those thoughts can be applied into cartoon graphics and sometimes become popular and successful.

Batman - All Time Super Hero For Kids

Batman is a fictional character created by artist Bob Kane and the stories are written by writer Bill Finger. DC Comics is the publisher who introduced Batman and the first appearance was made in May 1939, in Detective Comics. Batman is considered as a mysterious and brave superhero who exists to fight against crime and who takes revenge for the death of his parents. Batman has changed into a comic icon and hero of many people and kids worldwide. Kids are very much in awe and love of the collection of Batman toys which is available at almost all the toys stores around the world.

The toy manufacturers have got the fantastic idea of getting into the business by identifying the desires of kids who are the target of their sales. All the Batman products are found to be very popular and are in huge demand. You will get Batman commodities which include action figures, vehicles, costumes and games which will get popular immediately after the release.

When a new movie of Batman is launched, the toy manufacturers will release toys of Batman which have different features and characters in the movie. Lots of kids get the opportunity to choose toys according to their tastes from the various options. Kids will discuss the toys and character with their friends and usually there will be a debate on the various toys and the most popular ones. The socializing skills of kids are improved by this character because that will be the hot topic among the fellows at the gatherings.

The toys released along with the latest Batman movies are of different types which represent the characters and objects seen in the movie. These toys can be the icon figure representing the Batman, the main character or items like the models of vehicles used in the movie. These toys which come under the label of Batman can even be electronic gadgets used in the movie like a clock radio or a night vision with walkie talkies. Batman toys are available for children from the age of four.

Many toys are electronic in nature and are models of the high tech gadgets used by the Batman for fighting in the movie. Batmobile is a favorite among the kids who are Batman fans. The lights and sound of this toy are pretty impressive. Advanced adhesive technology is used in the Batcave tower which is yet another Batman merchandise. This can be used to create towers up to one meter height inside the house. Batman costumes are available for kids under the age group between three to four and five to seven years. These latest toys have got headpiece, cap, jumpsuit and belt.

Kids are very much excited with Batman toys. Using these toys, they will be interested to dress up in Batman costumes and will like to wander in the wonder world with the Batman. It is a perfect gift for kids because that will be the most wanted toys for them immediately after seeing the latest movies.

However, lately, there has been some debate about kids idolizing Batman. Some psychologists are of the opinion that Batman stories depict homosexuality which will create a mental confusion among the young kids who madly worship the comic hero. Nothing much has come of it yet, it remains to be seen what course this debate will eventually take.

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